Update: National Equifax Breach

We at Upstate Federal Credit Union care about your financial security & identity.  Therefore we wanted to extend the following information regarding the recent Equifax breach:

The Equifax breach did not involve Upstate Federal Credit Union or any Upstate Federal Credit Union systems.  This breach is solely an issue that occurred via unauthorized access to Equifax’s computer/technology systems.  There has been no unauthorized access to any Upstate Federal Credit Union systems or records associated with the Equifax breach.

Members should consider the recommendations being made by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, government entities responsible for protecting consumer interests. Please visit and assess their advisories which you can access at:




If you find yourself a victim of the Equifax Breach or Identity theft in general please visit the following:



Disclaimer: The information on this page is derived from governmental websites such as CFPB and FTC and is not intended as advice from the Credit Union, but is intended only to share these sources of information and resources with you. If you have individual questions on the Equifax Security Breach or any rights you may have you should consult with your legal adviser.

2017, SeptemberHannah Wilburn