Homeowners Mortgage Enterprises, Inc.

Effective Date: 1/7/2014

Risk Based Pricing is approved by the Board of Directors.

The base rates and future risk adjustments are proposed to the Board of Directors by the Asset Liability Committee.

The base rates in effect at any given time are listed on the LoanLiner Addendum.

The following percentage increases or decreases are to be applied to the established Base rates according to the credit score. On a joint application , Loan Officers are to use the highest score of the applicants. On applications where no credit score is available- the loan would be priced as if the score was less than 550.

Loan Officers are not permitted to vary from this pricing, unless it is via an approved policy. (match = /refi.-.50)

At no time will the rate be Less than 2.75% on new and used vehicles or greater than 18.00%. The floor rate for RV’s , Boats and Motorcycles will be 4.25%.

Credit Score <550 Base Rate PLUS 8%
Credit Score 550 - 599 Base Rate PLUS 6%
Credit Score 600 - 624 Base Rate PLUS 3%
Credit Score 625 - 639 Base Rate PLUS 1.5%
Credit Score 640 - 689 Base Rate --------------
Credit Score 690 - 724 Base Rate MINUS 1%
Credit Score 725 - 749 Base Rate MINUS 2%
Credit Score 750 - 799 Base Rate MINUS 4%
Credit Score 800+ Base Rate MINUS 5%